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Huntingtons - Punk Sounds (2009)
[ · (68.7mb) ] 07.03.2011, 16:50
Punk Sounds is the most recent album by the Huntingtons released in 2009 on Knowhere Records. The album contains b-sides, June13, 2009.

Four years after their last show at Cornerstone, it was suddenly announced that Huntingtons were doing a reunion show for about as good (and unfortunate) of a reason as there is out there. The original drummer Mikee’s wife , Jeannie Pierce (of Jeannie hates the Ramones fame) has been diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer. So to help with the family’s financial needs, the guys of Huntingtons, along with some help from some friends (Ghoti Hook, Main Line Riders and a few other bands) are putting on a show June 13th. To further support the cause, they have come out with an interesting collection of older and a couple of new songs, including the 8 songs from the Darlington split album re-mastered and some B-sides.

True to form, this 13 track album available only at the show or on Amazon mp3 to date, is pure Ramones style punk rock, fast, furious and mostly about girls. Starting off with an old favorite of mine in "Too Late” helped ease into the album, followed by another song about wanting a space girl, like "Judy Jetson”. Those that have followed their career know that this band tends to write songs about what kind of girl they want. Sometimes its a space girl, sometimes its an 80’s girl, sometimes its a rock and roll girl, but their sound and song writing are very consistent, yet too much fun to worry much about the redundancy of it all. There are few surprises in here for old time fans, but if you missed out on the Split a few years back, want to hear the new songs or just want to support the cause, then I highly recommend this band for some fun punk rock..


1. Too Late

2. Judy Jetson

3. When I Get Over You

4. I Don’t Like It

5. Glue Sniff Death Shocker

6. Let’s Go To Haddonfield

7. Not By You

8. Bombs On Baghdad

9. He Better Stay Away From My Girl

10. It’s Always Christmas At My House

11. Babysitter

12. Don’t Pick On Me

13. Why Should I Dream?

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1 rosbeliobones9223   (17.02.2019 05:02) [Material]
Sem link irmão!!!

2 Rocker   (11.05.2020 15:59) [Material]
new link

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